• Channel 0 now on AllStar!

    From Tony Langdon@432:1/101 to ref9550 on Thu Jul 23 12:59:07 2020
    Heads up, after a recent upgrade, the reflector now has AllStar
    capability.  I have linked channel 0, which was unused in recent times
    to AllStar Node 27154, which is a conference bridge that I have setup
    and dedicated to the link.  However, the AllStar side can be linked to
    other AllStar nodes as needed.

    Future plans include adding some digital links, which will be an ongoing project.

    73 de Tony VK3JED/VK3IRL
    --- SBBSecho 3.10-Linux
    * Origin: Freeway BBS Bendigo,Australia freeway.apana.org.au (432:1/101)