• Updates and new services

    From Vk3jed@432:1/101 to All on Fri Oct 9 08:39:22 2020
    I've been a bit slack with posting updates here. However, there have been some
    major upgrades behind the scenes, with a new digital gateway added recently.

    The new system is permanently linked to IRLP reflector 9550, and provides connectivity to the major analogue and digital linking systems. It can be reached on the following:

    IRLP 9550
    EchoLink VK3JED-L
    AllStar 27154
    DMR (Brandmeister) TG 50535
    YSF Reflector 50535
    P25 TG 50535
    D-STAR XLX432 D (DCS432 D)

    The system has been tested for the last few months and is running well.
    --- SBBSecho 3.10-Linux
    * Origin: Freeway BBS Bendigo,Australia freeway.apana.org.au (432:1/101)