• Winter Operating

    From MobbyG@432:1/100 to All on Mon Oct 18 12:15:30 2021
    CQ All!

    Well, winter is making it's way to Upstate NY here. Curious what about winter, if anything, changes how or where you operate?

    With night time coming earlier, I find myself working some of the lower bands a
    little more. 20 meters of course, but a lot of 75/80. I'll also poke my head in on 40 as well.

    Rich, KB2MOB

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  • From Infectedbootsector@432:1/100 to MobbyG on Mon Dec 6 04:04:57 2021
    Re: Winter Operating
    By: MobbyG to All on Mon Oct 18 2021 12:15:30

    Hey Rich!

    I'm hoping to just get on the air more this winter. Between work being REALLY busy and moving in 2020, I haven't had a chance to get my station back on the air. I'm mostly QRP and mobile now, but hope to work on getting my shack up and running here over the winter.

    I definately tend to spend more time on 40m when winter arrives. I'm hoping to
    do Winter Field Day this year as well...

    de WQ3Y
    Severna Park, MD
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