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    From Sam Penwright@CRBBSNET to All on Sat May 29 14:54:14 2021
    伤悔目谀口目 赏悔目谀口目谀 赏悔目诼口目 纶目 苫 苫 赏
    汉么 么 媚 韧幻馁媚闯 么 嗣拇 么 吵趁拇缆 淌惶驶韧
    褪祭馁滥倭 韧剂 晾馁滥 韧剂 滥倮临 韧既图韧

    telnet: bbs.deepspacegateway.net:2383
    EZYCOM V3.0 BBS software

    FidoNet, FSXNet, SciNet, Vkradio, Survnet Echomail
    Old-School BBS Dos based Running on Windows 7

    Online Door games - Local: Lord1, Lord2, Planets, Lost in Space
    and Fresh Water Fishing. More games being added

    Keep and Eye out for a New Fishing Derby with cash prizes

    New callers welcome, stop by today!

    Always Looking for NEW EZYCOM Sysops!!

    Bye for now...
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    --- Ezycom V3.00 01FB064B
    * Origin: Deep Space Gateway BBS Running EZYCOM V3.0 (77:1/155)
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